About CREST Australia New Zealand Ltd

The foundation of CREST Australia New Zealand was made possible by a generous one-off grant from the Commonwealth of Australia's Attorney General's Department. CREST Australia New Zealand Ltd, a not for profit company limited by guarantee, runs CREST Australia New Zealand on behalf of member companies and provides assessment, accreditation, certification, education and training in cyber and information security for individuals and corporate entities and promotes the provision of high quality, best practice information security services according to its company constitution.


The companies that CREST certified individuals work for (known as CREST Approved companies) have subjected themselves to audit and scrutiny by CREST Australia New Zealand, and have signed up to the CREST code of conduct. For more information on becoming a CREST Approved company, visit the CREST membership page.

The Board

CREST Australia New Zealand Ltd has a governing Board who sets the strategic direction and oversight the operations of the company.

Greg Rudd - CEO

For the past 18 years Greg has run his own consulting companies working with CEO's, Managing Directors and Chairmen of public and private companies both nationally and internationally. He has worked in numerous industry sectors including information technology, cyber security, mining, agriculture, retail and investment banking, aviation, government, energy, health, recruitment, law, media, infrastructure, biotechnology, property, tourism and accounting. Greg has served on boards of private companies from the cyber security, health, aviation, and property sectors and served on a UNESCO board in Beijing. Prior to 1996 Greg worked as a Chief-of-Staff to an Australian Government Minister, was a university lecturer and CEO for two professional arts companies.

Richard Byfield - Director

Richard established Datacom TSS in 2010 and is currently the Managing Director of this security services company. He is an experienced senior executive with extensive management and liaison experience in both the public and private sectors, nationally and internationally. During his 13 years working in the Australian and New Zealand Governments' intelligence and security communities, Richard gained vast knowledge in cyber operations, information assurance and technical capability development. Richard was responsible for enhancing the profile and capability of New Zealand's Centre for Critical Infrastructure Protection, was Director for Network Vulnerability Operations in the Department of Defence and has worked in partnership with a number of international agencies on cyber security initiatives.

Jason Edelstein - Director

Jason co-founded Sense of Security in 2002 and is currently the CTO of this respected security consulting firm with offices in Sydney and Melbourne. He has over 15 years' experience in the commercial IT industry, including information security specialist roles for Ernst & Young in Australia and Deutsche Bank in London. He is a trusted security professional with extensive experience in all aspects of network security penetration testing, physical security audits, vulnerability assessment, risk management and consultation about security best-practices and governance. He has performed engagements for many of Australia's Top companies, across the finance, media, consulting, banking, telecommunications, government, engineering and defence industries.

Ty Miller - Director

Ty Miller is the Director at Threat Intelligence Pty Ltd. Ty leads the CREST Technical Committee and is a CREST Assessor. Ty has provided specialist security training to the FBI, DoD, military and intelligence agencies, and many large technology and security companies. He runs advanced penetration testing and intelligence training courses at the prestigious Black Hat conferences each year, and works with leading security companies to enhance their product suites with advanced hacking and threat detection features. He performs independent security research into cutting edge attack and intelligence techniques and was the co-author of the highly popular security book "Hacking Exposed Linux 3rd Edition". His experience also expands into developing and running industry benchmark accreditations, designing large scale security architectures, performing forensic investigations, creating and executing security training ranging from introductory security through to highly advanced security concepts and skillsets.

Vacant - Independent Director